Monday, May 11, 2009


Willa and I went to Florida in the middle of April over Easter weekend. We had a wonderful time. The weather was perfect, and we saw everyone in my family. It was a nice escape from Toledo.

My mom's friends threw Willa a little girly luncheon while we were there. So fun!

We spent lots and lots of time at the pool. Willa liked the pool more and more each day. She hated it at first, but by the third attempt, she relaxed, kicked her little feet, and floated with the help of her momma. Willa loved laying out on a towel in the shade. She would stretch her little legs and arms and nap. But I must say, laying out is very different when babies are along.


Moe said...

Come back! I miss you guys

Renae said...

You exploded with blogs! Love it, too. Florida looks great, mmm wish we had more of their sunshine!