Thursday, May 27, 2010

Matt sent me a text today...

i love your blog posts and im excited 4 the next one.

I haven't been in the blog posting mood lately.  My Grandpa died last week while we were in the Dominican Republic.  He was admitted to the hospital for a "short 3 day stay" for his congestive heart failure a few days before we left.  Unfortunately, his 3 day stay quickly turned into a transfer to hospice house and part of my family stayed behind to be with him and my grandma.  He passed away 2 days after we arrived in the DR.  It's been a crazy couple of weeks.

For those of you who miss seeing little Willa. Here are a few of her with crazy hair and crazy faces before church a few weeks ago.


Renae said...

Sorry about your grandpa. Willa Bean is a cutie pie! I love your front door, I know that's crazy, but I want a red front door someday. You rock.

Kent and Leisy said...

I've been wondering and waiting for a post from you! sorry to hear about your grandpa.
willa is looking more and more grown up. I'm terrified of baby girl hair! Maybe I'll just have boys and never have to deal with it!!

sinika said...

So sorry about your grandpa. :(

I love Willa's crazy hair. And that you posted.