Saturday, February 19, 2011


Willa turned 2 last month.  I can't belive it.  Here are some pictures from her big day. 

Matt was on night float so that meant he was home by 9 or so in the morning.  He brought us breakfast from the hospital....bacon, sausage, biscuits & gravy, hash browns, and orange juice...nice and healthy....just the way Willa likes it.

We opened presents right after breakfast so Matt could go to sleep. 

Willa and I made chocoate cupcakes (her request) in the afternoon.  She licked the beaters and ate at least 10 of the mini cupcakes before we were even done with the process.

If you ask Willa how old she is, she still says one and holds up one finger unless we correct her.  Maybe by her third birthday she'll figure it out.  When she does put up two fingers, she puts up both pointers.

After dinner, we lit candles and sang and ate some of the cupcakes.  Willa loved it.  She loved blowing out her candles, singing the Happy Birthday Song, and eating the cupcakes.


sinika said...

Happy 2nd birthday Willa! I love the candle pictures!

Renae said...

Willa is so cute!! I love how she shows how old she is. :)

Kent and Leisy said...

happy 2 to willa! and somehow- even though I read your blog- I missed that you were HAVING A BABY!!! a big fat congrats!!! so exciting. and a boy nonetheless- even better :)

Moe said...

The pictures of her looking at the candles are priceless!