Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy 4th

We took the kids to see fireworks on the 2nd of July.  We weren't going to go because they didn't start until 9:30.  But, as I was giving both of the kids a bath, Matt came upstairs to help me and said we should go.  So instead of PJ's we dressed the kids in red,white, and blue and jumped in the car.

And of course, I am glad we went. Clark was asleep when we got there, but he woke up and seemed to love it.  He didn't mind the loud noises and just sat in Matt's arms content and happy and watched the fireworks.

Willa covered her ears at first and then she wanted to be held.  So she watched most of the show in my arms, but she also enjoyed it... in the security of her mamma's arms.

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