Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mud Island

Moe and my Mom came out to visit Memphis this summer.  We love when they visit.  Moe was only here two days.  My mom stayed longer.

One of the days we visited Mud Island.  Mud Island is so fun.  We went all out with Moe and my Mom.  We rode the tram, played in the water, and went through the museum.  It was so hot.  The air conditioning in the museum felt so good.  Afterwards, we ate lunch at Tops BBQ.  I'm pretty much over BBQ.  I don't particularly like it.  Everyone that visits wants to try it and it seems like every hospital or residency function serves it.  I've had enough.  But I'm sure I'll eat it many more times since we have some time to go in good ol' Memphis.

on the tram...

Here are a few pictures from google that show the water.  There is a map of the Mississippi River done to scale with real water flowing through it.  It shows the cities, the bridges, and the flood planes.  The kids love to splash in it.  The adults love to walk along it and see the landmarks along the way.  The riverwalk is 2,000 feet long.


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