Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2012 birthday recap

Matt - turned 32 in March
We really do love him even though we celebrated with a half eaten cheesecake from the freezer.  In my defense, Matt wasn't going to be home to eat the cake (He left to moonlight in Arkansas for a week right after his birthday) and I was still nursing Clark so I was on a very strict dairy free diet.  I felt bad though and bought him a cake when we visited him in Arkansas... that no one ate much of and was eventually thrown away.  (Moe - like his shirt? haha)

Clark - turned 1 in March
He loved his brownie cupcake and ate the entire thing.  I can't remember what else we did for his birthday.  But I'm sure it was stupendous.  

I turned 31 in September
Matt had to work late on my birthday, but he came home with cake and flowers.  We let the kids stay up until 9 or 10 celebrating.  Earlier in the day, my friend, Brittany, took me and Clark out to lunch while Willa and her son were in preschool - which was so lovely!

Willa turned 3 in January.  I actually did blog about it.  You can read about it here.

That was kind of a depressing birthday blog post.  Now I see why I didn't bother blogging about any of our birthdays. We need to do better in 2013! Our 2012 birthdays were so low key because Matt pretty much works everyday.  Not an exaggeration. Between his residency shifts and moonlighting, he maybe has 1 or 2 days off a month.  In September he had 1 day off the whole month.  We see very little of him these days.  Less than 9 months to go...


Katie said...

I like how low key you are. I say good job to that. happy birthday to all the wetzels and I'm totally going to remember yours next year. I really like how it sounds... september seventeenth.... ahhhh.

sinika said...

Happy birthday to you all! I can't believe how much time you and Matt have put into his career- amazing!