Monday, August 11, 2014


Oliver turned one on July 25.  We celebrated with cupcakes.

Oliver loved the cupcake.  He is our big eater.  He out eats Clark at almost every meal.  He skipped the frosting, but ate all of his cupcake.  His favorite foods are fruits... any and all fruits.  He doesn't like the typical kid stuff like crackers yet, he just wants fruit.  He'll eat an entire banana or nectarine already.  We go through so much produce these days.
Oliver crawls all over the place.  His crawl has progressed from a tummy scoot/crawl, to a regular crawl and now to a run-crawl.  He crawls around like baby Tarzan with his arms and legs straight.  He pulls himself to standing but hasn't let go yet.  He says mama and dada but not much else.  He's a big time jibber jabber and will tell little stories.  He is also a screamer and screecher.  It's not pleasant.
Momma is his favorite, but he also adores Dad, Clark and Willa.  When Matt gets home from work he screams until Matt picks him up.  If Matt puts him down, he follows Matt around screaming until he picks him up again.
Oliver is a good sleeper.  He sleeps 12 hours at night and then takes 2 decent naps during the day.  This is great on days we are staying home, but hard on days I need to get stuff done.  It seems like someone is always trying to sleep at our house right now. 
He loves cars and trucks.  He loves to crawl around pushing a little vehicle.  The playroom is his favorite spot in the house.  It's in the basement so he can't get there himself.  When I open the gate to take him down, he gets all excited and squeals and kicks his legs.  He loves to swim and loves taking baths.  He loves musical instruments, banging things together, and anything else that makes noise.  He loves playing outside in the grass and swinging.
He is stubborn.  There is no point ignoring his demands or making him "cry it out" because he will scream and go on and on until we give in.  He is definitely a third child.  He has learned to entertain himself really well and do "big kid" things like using straws and sippy cups way earlier then my other kids.  He is full of energy.  He has no interest in sitting still very long so church and road trips are a nightmare. We love our Ollie Oliver!


Jill Lau said...

That first picture is do cute!!! He really is so adorable! I can't believe he is already one. I sure wish I knew him.

kate said...

Happy Birthday Oliver! he looks lots like Matt to me. are you all settled in your new city?

Katie said...

you have a whole one year old kid that I don't even know! weird. He's so darn cute. And well named cause his skin is pretty olive toned huh? So, where to you live?

Marie said...

Oh, he is such a cutie! I hope you are all settled into your new home.