Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Clark's Accessories

If anything out of the ordinary happens in our family, it seems like it always happens to Clark.  He's the guy who has had a million things go wrong.  As I go through our pictures from Albuquerque, I find a lot of pictures that go along with that tradition...

Who broke his arm two days after we moved to Albuquerque? Clark

Who got glasses? Clark
He will probably be a life long glasses wearer.  He has three things going on with his eyes (1) he's near sighted, (2) has amblyopia, and (3) esotropia.  (Willa added a few accessories of her own to this picture of Clark.  For a year or so, he put up with Willa dressing him up and enjoyed the attention.  He doesn't go for it anymore.  Good thing we captured a few of his outfits on film.  Cute Clarky!)
Who has to wear a patch to train his brain to use both eyes? Clark, of course. 
Willa thought the patch looked pretty fun.  She tried it out but only lasted a few minutes.  Clark, thankfully, has a personality where he can tolerate the patches.  He is super stubborn and independent in most situations, but he is willing to follow a doctor's directions.

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