Sunday, January 25, 2015

a visit from JoJo - a birthday, some snow, and the rodeo

My mom flew to Montana for a long weekend earlier this month.  She wanted to have a little bit of snowy weather.  She lucked out.  Great Falls was covered in snow while she was here.  It didn't actually snow, but she came right after several big snowstorms.

She was here for Willa's birthday and birthday party.  It was fun getting ready for the party with her.  Matt was off so he watched the boys, and Willa was in school.  It was lovely to shop with just my mom for the food and a few last minute things for Willa's party.  We also went on a little lunch date to Wheat Montana.  Then on our way home, we surprised Willa at lunch and sat with her while she ate.

Willa's Tea Party

We spent an afternoon playing in the snow in our yard. 
We built a snowman, painted the snow with squirt bottles filled with colored water, and went sledding.

new boots for JoJo

The rodeo was in town so we hit that up as well.  It was quite the experience.  My mom and I had never been to a rodeo before.  I was a little uncomfortable.  No one was hurt, but I thought for sure someone was going to get stepped on.  My allergies did NOT like the rodeo. I was a mess - sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, itchy throat, wheezing, etc.  It was awful.  Everyone else had a good time.  I have no desire to attend another rodeo any time soon.
Willa and Clark wanted to dress up for the rodeo so we raided our costumes and came up with these fabulous cowboy and cowgirl costumes.  They actually fit right in.  Kids as well as adults were decked out.  People were super into the rodeo and were making bets and keeping score.

My allergies turned right into a bad cold for me.  On my mom's last day she had to take care of me and my kids because I felt awful.  Even in my 30's, it is so nice to have my momma take care of me when I'm sick.

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