Saturday, February 28, 2015


During Matt's week off in February, we took Willa out of school and drove to Utah for a week.  It's a long drive, but it's nice to actually be able to do it in a day.  When we lived in Ohio and Memphis our closest family was more than a day's drive away.

We spent a night in SLC visiting Matt's Salt Lake siblings (Kristy, Stephen, Kazia, and Kelsey) on the way down.  We spent a night in Provo visiting Bryan and his family on the way back.  And the rest of the time we spent in Richfield with his parents.  We like Great Falls, but I hate that it's far from family.  It's so fun to spend time with family.  I really wish we lived closer to my family or Matt's.

We took the kids hiking one morning with Marcia, Stephen, and Millhouse along a creek in Monroe Canyon.  We took Clark and Willa on this same hike a few years ago.  It brought back memories.  Matt carried Clark in the same blue carrier that he carried Oliver in this time.


Here we are in Provo with Bryan and his family.  We have twin families.  We are quite the bunch going to dinner and ice cream with six little kids.  But the kids were good and we all had fun.  Willa and Clark loved seeing their cousins (and their aunts and uncles and grandparents!).  I guess Clark forgot he had boy cousins. He only has girls on my side.  He was thrilled and talked about it for a few days afterwards.

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