Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Great Falls was cold and frosty and GORGEOUS on Thanksgiving this year.  Willa took these pictures as the sun was coming up for a project at school and I'm so glad she did because it really was a pretty morning.  There are only a few days like this every fall.  The thick frost happens when the river is still warm and the temperature drops so the steam from the river freezes on the trees.  Plus it had snowed the day before.  Such a pretty day!

I cooked my first turkey this year.  Last year was the first year Matt and I made a turkey on our own, but this year I did it without any help (unless you count youtube!).  We've been married 13 years and we were lucky enough to be invited somewhere for thanksgiving or visited family for the first 11 years. 

One of Matt's partners offered to switch a few hours with him on Thanksgiving so Matt was able to come home and eat with us.  We lucked out in the radiology group Matt joined.  You never really know how well a group works together after interviewing.  All of the physicians in Matt's group are super nice and family oriented.  Some of my best friends here are wives of Matt's partners.  It has definitely made the transition to living in Great Falls easier!

We spent the day toasty warm inside enjoying each other's company (and missing Matt, of course!).  The kids decorated the tree in their PJs and we listened to Christmas music.



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