Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Willa here. I may be too young to tell you, but I love you Dad...

I love your scratchy kisses

and when you catch me fishes. I love to ride upon your chest

and take long walks on your day of rest.I love that you work hard for me

and when you delivered me, I shouted "wee".
I love when you wrap me up real tight
and change my diapers, even when I put up a fight.
I love when you read me books

and give me silly, little looks. I love to lay in your arms, all curled

and I love that you're going to show me the world.

But most of all, I just love you!
Happy Father's Day!

And Happy Father's Day to our Dads. We love you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Willa Bean

Kelsey said...

This is really adorable, Lindsay!

Renae said...

Very sweet and well written Willa!

JoJo said...

there's never anyone like your Daddy! JoJo

Clayton & Kayley Anderson said...

I love it. Just found your blog via Lindsay Swalberg. Check mine out if you want, not nearly as cute as yours, though! You have a beautiful family! Congrats!

Clayton & Kayley Anderson said...

Scratch that: Sinika Swalberg, I swear their twins. Sorry.