Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the move to Memphis

We made it (3 & 1/2 weeks ago) and we finally have our internet up and running. The move went pretty well. We are basically unpacked. I just need to buy a few things to finish decorating and organizing the house.

Our rental house is great. We love the lake and all the animals. There are tons of fish, ducks, and geese. At least 6 turtles live right by our deck, and a 3+ foot cottonmouth snake was living out there. I say was because Matt killed it. When he cut it open, he found 16 babies inside. Eww! I am VERY happy it isn't living there anymore. We are really enjoying Memphis. Matt's schedule is sooo much better. Right now he has weekends off and works Monday through Friday from 8 to 5. Fabulous. Here's the snake and the babies...

Here are some shots from the deck. Matt's canoeing in the first one.

And here are a few of sweet, little Willa growing up before our eyes.


Cynthia said...

Wow- that snake picture is amazing! I am just glad I am a couple states away from it.
Your view looks beautiful- glad to hear you guys are getting settled in.
Willa's blue eyes are adorable.

Kent and Leisy said...

oh my goodness! that snake is so cool. I can't believe there were so many babies inside!! this morning we saw a HUGE snake (and by huge I mean just a little smaller than the one you guys found!) at walking group on the swan creek trail.

I've been waiting for a post of your place! it is amazing and beautiful. and so is willa. I can't believe how much bigger she already looks.

we miss you guys already! I am glad that matt has such an amazing schedule! I'm finally getting a taste of bad schedules now that Kent is on his surgery rotation.

Sharon Beesley said...

Ella was really digging those snake pictures. She wanted to know: Which baby was your favorite and what was the snakes name? She's very into names and favorites. She also wanted you to know that she doesn't like snakes.
Ps I'm totally jealous of matts work schedule. It sounds like you are in a pretty good place!

Sharon Beesley said...

update: ella just came into my room (it's way past her bedtime) and wanted to know which snake was your favorite and why you had the snake.

please lindsay. these are important questions that ella is losing sleep over. email asap

Ryan said...

Greetings from an old buddy of Matts' in Phoenix!

Wow, glad Matt took care of that sucker...and glad he told me about your blog! Your daughter is WAY cute! I'm so glad I will be able to watch her grow a bit! That spot on the lake is beautiful...must make for some awfully relaxing nights on the back porch. Take care!


Kenna said...

I am glad that snake is dead, too!

Your new place looks perfect and your baby is cute, cute, cute!

Emilee said...

Gross gross snake. Darling darling baby. Fantastic house. Enough said.

JoJo said...

I'm glad that Willa has a hunter Daddy who can protect her from snakes!

brittani c. said...

It's good to hear the Wetzel update...that snake has got to be the grossest thing I've seen in awhile. Get rid of all those creepy crawlies around your yard...go, Matt!