Saturday, August 8, 2009


Will life ever settle down? We went to Florida for a week at the end of July/beginning of August to celebrate my brother's 30th birthday. On the flight home, the man sitting next to me asked if it was Willa's first flight. My reply ... no, it was her 10th. TEN FLIGHTS in SIX MONTHS. We need to calm down. Anyways...

My parents rented a house in Miami. We spent the majority of our time lounging and swimming in the pool. Check out that view. Willa couldn't get enough of the pool. She LOVES the water. The house was right on the water. It had a great deck and view.

Those without babies attached to them went on a deep sea fishing trip.

Here we are at the dock participating in the pre-fishing day ritual ... watching the boats come in and checking out their catches. It was soooo hot!the fishermen & their ladies on their trip
Unfortunately, they didn't have good luck. They caught a few keepers which were mighty tasty and a sailfish, but not enough to feed all 12 of us.We took the babies to the beach. It was Willa's first time. She loved the sand and the waves.
Cutey, patooty Kate (my niece) took her first steps in Miami. Go Kate!

And here are some candids of the group hanging out, cooking, and posing with another one of my grandpa's clever quizzes.Happy 30th Nick! Thanks Mom and Dad for a great getaway.


Clayton & Kayley Anderson said...

Wow, that looks fun! 10 flights in 6 months is a lot! I don't think I've flown that much yet. haha

Sharon Beesley said...

wow. how fun. i miss the beaches in florida.

Lindsay said...

Clarification...she hasn't been on 10 seperate trips. Just 10 flights. Having layovers and roundtrips add up.

little dub said...

Great pictures linds! Looks like fun. We went to the Kenny Chesny concert this past weekend and ran into some PC people who said your brother was around somewhere. Is Willa feeling better?