Wednesday, August 26, 2009

sleep training - take 2

When Willa finally got over her cold last week, we started round 2 of sleep training. I am happy to report that she responded again and is once again sleeping for 11-12 hours without making a peep. I think it took about 3 nights this time. And she is napping pretty good too.

Here's my advice (silly because most of my friends/family have babies older than Willa or have more than one child so they probably don't need much advice from a new mom) but here it is: complete sleep training before your baby can crawl and really roll and move around the crib.

Why? Because in just the few weeks that lapsed between sleep training attempt #1 and #2, Willa got much better at getting into the crawl position and scooting around and rolling over. So when we let her fuss, she would scoot around the crib, flip herself over (on accident, I think), and get stuck in crazy positions. We always felt bad so we'd have to go in and "fix" her. Silly little girl.


Clayton & Kayley Anderson said...

She is such a little doll!

JoJo said...

she's really turning into a person

Emilee said...

I agree. We sleep-trained Bella much later than my other girls (because she is such an easy baby most of the time, I felt guilty if I let her cry at bedtime, so I just kept putting it off). This meant that when we did train her, she was always getting stuck in crazy spots--like with her legs through the bars of her crib or her head squished up in a corner. Earlier is definitely better.

brittani c. said...

Good advice. Since Finn wasn't too difficult, I will keep that in mind for next time. The flipping around in the crib sounds hilarious. I wonder what that's like.