Thursday, September 10, 2009

splash park

Willa and I have been busy exploring Memphis. Matt has been busy working and studying. Memphis is a great city. I have this huge list of things I want to do with Willa and our newly formed playgroup. This week we went to a splash park. It's a playground with water shooting out all over the place. It was super fun. And free! :)

It's a good thing I bought that pink swimsuit at Once Upon a Child for 40 cents when I was pregnant because it gets worn practically everyday. I promise Willa has clothes. She has a closet full of darling clothes ... that she hardly wears.


Emilee said...

Why wear clothes when you can live in a cute swimsuit? That's the philosophy my girls live by, and Willa looks happy, too.

Moe said...

Willa looks SO old in the top pic. Man ... tell her to stop growing please!

JoJo said...

southern girls love their swimming suits