Monday, November 30, 2009


We had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday in Nashville with friends from Matt's mission. 

Matt worked Wednesday night until 10 so we drove over Thursday morning.  Willa had a great time playing with toys galore and meeting some new friends.  Matt and I had a great time eating, eating some more, and visiting.

On Friday, the Lindemanns took us around downtown Nashville.  It was very pretty and chilly.  We went to a couple parks and a car show.

We came home Saturday so Matt could do some Thanksgiving hunting.  Unfortunately he didn't get anything.  Matt and I caught colds in Nashville though.  Amazingly Willa didn't.  So I spent the rest of the weekend resting and unpacking. 

Willa likes to get into everything these days. 
Good thing she's cute.


dockters said...

I LOVE Willa's hair! She looks so cute in that suitcase!!

And I canNOT believe Matt's schedule!! Are you for real?? Is it too late for Eric to switch?!

JoJo said...

looks like you've visited another interesting city