Friday, December 11, 2009

road trip - part 2

            Richfield, Provo, & Salt Lake City

We spent most of our 5 days in Utah at Matt's parents' house. We took it pretty easy. We hung out at the house most of the week since it was snowy and freezing outside ( -26 at one point during the drive to Provo not including the wind chill). Matt and Wayne (Marcia joined them once) went ice fishing a few times and brought home their limit so we had some yummy rainbow trout dinners. Matt and Wayne butchered Wayne's elk (which he got before we even arrived - so much for Matt helping him hunt) so we had fresh tenderloin dinners as well. Marcia helped me with one of my Christmas sewing projects. And we all played and
played with Willa.

Marcia gave Willa her first piano lesson.  She loved listening to Marcia play and look at the pictures in the music book.

Willa ate like a champ (well, not really, but better than usual).  She loves home cookin' and fruit blends baby food (she won't eat single fruit baby food but she'll eat the mixed fruit varieties).  This picture of her in the tub shows her little belly.  She has always been a skinny-minny, but these pics actually show a little bulge. love it!

And Willa opened her first Christmas present.  She didn't really get it.  Maybe she'll get better after practicing on Christmas and on her birthday next month.

We also drove up to Provo and Salt Lake City for one night to visit Matt's brother's family and Matt's three sisters.  We hit up a few stores while we were there.  You can't pass up a Costco membership, Ikea, and Cabela's, can you? 

We didn't take very many pictures.  We did take a few with Willa and her cousin, Ariana. 

Ari pulled Willa's hair during the visit so in a lot of the pictures Willa's arm is extended and she is keeping a close eye on Ari to make sure she doesn't get too close.

ha-ha. Babies are so hard to photograph.

We had a nice visit.  Thank you Wetzel fam.

To be continued...

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