Tuesday, March 9, 2010

it's warming up in Memphis

The last few days have been so beautiful.
It was 72 degrees and sunny yesterday. We actually got to pull out shorts and t-shirts.
We went to a park by downtown Memphis on Mud Island.  It stretches for a mile and a half along the Mississippi River.
Willa had a blast running around, chasing dogs, and getting dirty.
Spring is here!  THIS is why we moved to Memphis (and because we had to since Matt matched here).  Memphis has four evenly spread out seasons ... 3 months of winter, 3 months of spring, 3 months of summer, and 3 months of fall.  I love it!


Moe said...

Looks nice! Seems strange to not see any leaves on the trees ... even if you did just go through winter :) It'll be weird for me to see Willa walking all over the place! I can only assume she is an expert by now.

Annie and Justin said...

Willa is so cute.. looks like you guys are doing well, i am so glad I met someone that grew up with your hubby-- Kassiah-- I don't know her maiden name but she is one of my good friends and she knew Matt in Montana, crazy huh? Small world

JoJo said...

I don't consider 72 degrees as very warm but I am hoping to experience that strange thing called spring when I visit next week.