Thursday, March 4, 2010

showing off

Willa is talking/signing more and more...

This was from January - all done, more, and duck.

Also from January - no talking or signing. We were just playing her favorite game.

I took this one today - please, eat/food, hi, bye, and some kisses.

Somehow Willa has turned into a toddler.  It dawned on me a couple weeks ago that she doesn't crawl anymore.  She's a walker.  Shopping has drastically changed.  She wants to help push the cart, take things off the shelves, and choose which direction we go.


Kent and Leisy said...

where have the wetzels been? I've missed your posts! willa is so cute in her little leggings!

Moe said...

I think the video of peek-a-boo is my favorite :) She's such a person! I can't believe it

JoJo said...

yup--she has turned into a person!