Thursday, April 8, 2010

set for summer...a new tricycle & sandbox

My siblings got Willa this little "grow with me" tricyle for her 1st birthday.  Thank you Auntie Amanda, Auntie Moe, and Funcle Nick!
It was an instant hit!  She loves it!

And so does Matt, as you can see in the video below. (These pics & videos were taken in the middle of March. Memphis has since completely bloomed.  Matt's already had to mow the lawn and trim bushes.)

JoJo got Willa a sandbox and toys for Easter while she was here.  It was not an instant hit.  Willa wasn't sure about the sand.  You can see her hands and feet are tense in these pictures.  But she quickly relaxed and now enjoys playing in her sandbox.  Thank you JoJo.

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Moe said...

The sandbox is so cute! And tell Matt he's welcome for the fun new toy to run around with :)