Monday, April 19, 2010


Amanda and Kate came to Memphis for a long weekend.  We loved having them here and having an excuse to be tourists.  Some of the highlights...     (There are A LOT of pictures. I love when my sister comes to visit because she always takes so many pics. This isn't even a quarter of the pics she took.)

Willa and I picked them up from the airport and we went directly to the zoo.  We love living close to a wonderful zoo.
in the bubble at the sea lion aquarium
the panda exhibit
cooling off after a fun afternoon
Kate had no fear.  She played in the water and had a blast.  Willa stayed on the edge, but also thought it was great fun.

On Friday, we spent the morning at the Mississippi River Mud Island Park.  

We took the monorail over the Mississippi River to Mud Island.
Then on the island, we spent an hour walking along the mile or so long relief map of the Mississippi River.  It has water flowing through it and maps of cities along the way.  It was really neat.  The end/Gulf of Mexico is a big pool with paddle boats.
The girls loved running around, playing in the water, and crossing the bridges.
the snack of the weekend...little cuties
Willa and Kate devoured the little oranges every time we pulled them out.

We rode the monorail back to the car
and then the girls crashed as soon as we put them in their strollers.
Neither one of them opened their eyes when we transferred them to their car seats.  Our next stop of the day was the cafeteria at Matt's hospital so we could eat lunch for FREE!  I love eating there.

We spent the afternoon and evening playing at my house.

We had a lazy Saturday morning and afternoon at home.  In the evening we went to a birthday party.
Here's Kate hangin' with the big kids.  They thought it was fun to deflate the bounce house and lay in it.
Such cute little cousin friends.  Willa was definitely saying "tate" by the end of the weekend.

We spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon in downtown Memphis walking around and eating crawfish at the Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival. 
They tasted way better than I was expecting.  We peeled and ate all of them.

We also visited Beale Street while we were downtown.

Amanda and Kate flew back to Florida Sunday evening.  We had such a fun weekend.  Thanks for coming!

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Moe said...

Such cute pics! I love the one of Kate and Willa in the metal tub together :)