Saturday, July 31, 2010

a visit from Moe

My sister came for a quick trip to Memphis.  I think I chose the hottest day of the summer to show her around downtown Memphis.

First stop - the Peabody Hotel to see the famous Peabody Ducks.
 (from google)
It sounds fun.  A little family of ducks are trained to ride an elevator down from the roof, march along a red carpet, spend the day in the lobby and fountain, and then do the opposite in the evening to return to their home on the roof.
(from google)
(from google)
Um, it was fun because it was so hilariously silly.  Crowds and crowds of people showed up to watch the spectacle.  We waited around for a good 10 minutes watching the numbers on the elevator go up to the roof and then come back down in anticipation to see the ducks.  The doors opened and then 4 or 5 ducks ran to the fountain in about 2 seconds and the famous Peabody Duck march was over.  It made us laugh so hard to think crowds show up for that daily.

This lobby was packed, packed, packed full of people!  The hotel itself did not disappoint.  It was beautiful.

Next stop - Beale Street
It was too hot to even think about stopping for a photo.  We were sweating from every pore in our bodies.  The street was empty.  I guess the Peabody Duck crowd isn't interested in Beale Street.

Next up - a trolley ride around the city.

The trolley was great.  It costs 50 cents.  There isn't AC but the windows were open and there was a tiny breeze.

The trolley was full of locals.  Gotta love the locals.

Last stop - We hopped off the trolley to see the Lorraine Motel.  The place Martin Luther King, Jr was assasssinated.

We spent the rest of Moe's trip trying to stay cool and moving to the new house.  That wasn't the plan, but it worked out that way and we were so glad to have her help.  Come again Moe - and we promise we won't move next time.

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JoJo said...

I still want to see the ducks some time. And I want to ride the trolley. And I want to see the Lorraine Motel and the Civil Rights Museum. But I'm not sorry to have missed the move. Thanx Meredith for picking up my slack.