Thursday, November 4, 2010

trick or treat

Willa was a cat for Halloween.  She adores cats right now. You want to get her talking?  Then bring up the subject of cats or better yet, show her a real cat.  Meow.

We had a busy Halloween weekend.  Friday night we went to our old ward's Trunk or Treat.  Saturday night we went to a Halloween party at a fellow resident's house.  And Sunday night we went trick or treating around the neighborhood.

Willa very quickly caught on to the idea of trick or treating and loved it.  She would repeat "Trick or Treat" and "thank you" on command.

At the Trunk or Treat, she happily walked up to the first person, said her lines, and got her candy. But then she threw a little tantrum because I wanted her to move on to the next person, and she wanted to eat her newly acquired pixie stick. I gave in. She dumped most of it on the ground on accident. There were maybe 40 "trunks" to visit but we only got half way around the parking lot. Willa just couldn't understand why I wanted to move from person to person without eating the candy. She would visit 3 or so trunks and then insist on eating another piece of candy. But who could blame her? She hadn't seen so much candy in her life.

We went to a few houses as a family on Sunday and then I went back home to pass out candy.  Matt and Willa continued around the neighborhood.  I am happy to say we ran out of candy (and started passing out some of Willa's collection).  Last year we had one trick or treater.  But I guess our new neighborhood gets into the spirit a little bit more.  After Matt and Willa got home, a few more kids came to our front door.  Willa thought it was great fun to be on the giving end as well.

(Moe - I was so burnt out of Halloween when I finally pulled out my camera Sunday night.  Sorry.  These are the best pics I have of Willa the Cat. And I didn't bother with make up even though I specifically bought Halloween make up to draw a nose and whiskers on Willa.)


Unknown said...

So, give her some chips, talk about cats and I should be number one funcle in no time.

Moe said...

Love the costume. I completely agree with little Wilson ... why not enjoy your candy collections as you go?

JoJo said...

I hope that she managed to get some good stuff for Mom and Dad