Sunday, November 28, 2010


Matt worked Thanksgiving day.  Surprise, surprise.  He went in at 8 am on Thursday morning and got off on Friday around 10 am.  He's doing his pediatric radiology rotation right now so he's at a different hospital and they don't do a night float rotation there.  So for two months we have to deal with a crazy schedule, 24+ hour calls, and overnight call every 4th night.  Man, I am so glad his entire residency isn't like this.

We celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday with a big, traditional Thanksgiving dinner with our friends, the Dyals.  They hosted and cooked the turkey.  They moved their big dinner to Friday so Matt could be with us.  How nice is that?  We, of course, ate too much and had a good time.

Willa and I spent the actual Thanksgiving day at home, but we did a few things to make it special.  Willa took a shower with me which she LOVES and then we put on comfy sweats.  I spread out a big blanket in front of the TV and we had a picnic on the floor while we watched the Macy's Day Parade.  We ate summer sausage and cheese and crackers.  We had dip and apples.  And we had chocolate milk with straws.  Willa was in heaven.  She is an avid milk drinker but she hadn't had chocolate milk before.

In the afternoon, Willa took a great nap and I Christmas shopped on line.  When she woke up, we pulled out the Christmas decorations, blasted Christmas music, danced and decorated.  Willa loves the decorations.  We only have unbreakable ornaments on our tree so she got to play with all of them and hang them on the tree by herself.  She preferred to put 3 or 4 ornaments on one branch instead of spacing them out evenly.  And she liked to group similar ornaments together.

After decorating, we made pumpkin cookies to take to the Dyals.  I measured and Willa "helped" me pour the ingredients in the mixer.  Several spoonfuls of flour and sugar ended up on the floor and counter.

Pictures?  Of course not.  But I still wanted to write a little narrative so I could remember our special holiday.

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JoJo said...

you'll both remember the close feelings and good times even if you don't remember the details