Wednesday, October 26, 2011


A few weeks ago we crossed the 40th state off our list... Louisiana.  Matt had a few days off so we drove the 6 hours to New Orleans.  It's a great city.  We spent four days riding trolleys, exploring neighborhoods, eating, and soaking up the culture.

We arrived Friday afternoon.  We spent the evening riding the ferry across the Mississippi River at sunset, walking along the riverfront, and eating shrimp po'boys - which started our quest to sample all of the famous New Orleans food.

on the ferry

Willa had a great time running around the ferry.  She met some little friends and they played hide and seek.   

The ferry was basic, but it offered great views of the city and it was free.

Here's the ferry.

We spent the second day exploring the French Quarter.  This was my favorite part of the city...

We started our day with beignets COVERED in powdered sugar at Cafe Du Monde.

Then we wandered around the beautiful streets in the French Quarter to admire the architecture and balconies and watch street performers.

We sat in the shade of a gigantic oak tree in Jackson Square and ate a muffaletta from Central Grocery for lunch.  These sandwiches are huge and famous and live up to their reputation.

We had to cut our time wandering around the French Quarter short because of our kids and naps.  Four hours was all they could handle.  I could have spent 4 days there.  After naps we went out to dinner for Creole food - we had seafood gumbo, blackened alligator tale, chicken jambalaya, and red beans and rice.

We spent Sunday in the Garden District.  We rode the street car along St. Charles Ave.  It's a beautiful street lined with huge oak trees and mansions. I loved the street cars and trolleys.  I love public transportation (But maybe that's because I've never lived in a city with public transportation)

We got off the street car twice... once for a residential neighborhood of historic New Orleans mansions and a cemetery

and a second time to see Audubon Park.

We stopped so Willa could play on a playground.  It was fun to get out of the touristy parts of the city and just sit in the sun and watch Willa play.

Our plan was to see a little more of the city on our 4th day before we drove home, but the kids were done.  So we packed up, charged the DVD player, and headed back to Memphis.


sinika said...

I've always wanted to visit New Orleans. Was all the food delicious? I love trying new foods but... I'm not into spicy and shrimpy. (I wish I was though.)

Sharon Beesley said...

you were in NOLA??!!?! hahaa LINDSAY!!! R U KIDDING ME?!?!?!?! we missed each other by this much.

JoJo said...

Every city has its own fascination and New Orleans is among the greatest. I am proud that I gave you the travelin' gene.

Delaps said...

Hello, I thought that I would check out your blog. Your little family is so cute. It does't take long for kids to grow up. I can't believe how big Willa is now! I hope that you and Jill are having fun being in the same ward.

Moe said...

I'm heading to NOLA in a week and can't wait! I'm taking some of your trip ideas w/ me ... I'll let you know how it goes xoxo