Wednesday, December 7, 2011


We woke up to snow today! Hooray!

Clark wasn't sure what to think...  He crawled around a little...

Took a few bites 

Willa showed him how to make a snowball

And then after about 2 minutes, he gave his warning by sticking out his little lip (if you've been around him you know what I mean), and started crying. Must be that Floridian blood in him.

Willa, on the other hand, man, oh, man!  She's full Montanan.  She loves the snow!

She was a happy girl.  She didn't want a hat or a jacket.  She just wanted to play.


sinika said...

Cute pictures! We haven't really seen the snow here yet... weird.

Moe said...

The picture of Clark's little lip sticking out is PERFECT! I love it

JoJo said...

The snow looks fun in a picture but I still prefer the beach so Clark must take after me.