Tuesday, January 24, 2012


In October, we visited our 41st state together... North Carolina.  We had both been there before but never together.  My family took a trip to Northern Georgia for a little fall getaway.  While we were GA, we  realized we were only an hour away from the NC border so we hopped in the car and drove across the border.

We've now visited every state in the Eastern United States except Delaware...darn you Delaware.  Matt has to do a month long rotation in Washington, D.C. next year so maybe we'll drive to Delaware while we're there.

Other then Delaware, we have Alaska, Hawaii, North & South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Washington (we've both been there but not together) left.  We are getting close.

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Sharon Beesley said...

that's so awesome!! i'm shocked you haven't been to Wyoming! I thought that's where matt's from haha! And it's so close to BYU :)