Friday, February 24, 2012

Clark - 11 months

I haven't done a post dedicated to Clark in... um... have I ever?  Oops, I guess that's what happens when you're not the first born.

Clark is 11 months old today.  And I finally, get ready for it, feel adjusted to being a mother of 2.  Hallelujah! Actually, it's been coming on gradually over the last month.  Clark has turned into the sweetest little guy.  I adore him.  And Matt adores him.  Which feels so good to write because for so long, we wondered if life would ever feel "normal" again.  

We've spent the past 8+ months playing pass the baby because neither one of us wanted to hold him for very long.  He was so hard to hold.  He wouldn't cuddle, he wouldn't bend, and he cried a lot.  You had to be constantly standing and bouncing him and moving around and blah, blah, blah.  But he has turned a corner.  He has relaxed and is just doing so well.  He was (I guess he still is but just not as much) getting Physical and Occupational Therapy for spasticity and increased muscle tone.  But that seems to be in the past and he can finally sit on our laps and cuddle and relax (as well as all of the other stuff he is supposed to be doing like crawling and cruising and exploring).

His digestive issues are pretty much gone also.  He doesn't take reflux medication anymore.  I have introduced some dairy into my diet again (cheese, sour cream, cream cheese) and he doesn't have a reaction to them. (Milk and ice cream still cause diarrhea and vomiting, but no apparent pain.)

I took the pictures in this post last night.  Of course I chose the ones where his eyes look almost perfect.  At his eye appointment last week, the ophthalmologist said his eyes look more crossed then they are.  I'm not entirely sure what she means because they still seem crossed most of the time to me.  So we're still just playing the waiting game.  No further surgeries are scheduled.


Sharon Beesley said...

yay! glad to hear!! keep up the good work clark!!!

Moe said...

Mr. Clark! Love that little man

Emilee said...

What a darling boy, and I'm so glad that things are better.

JoJo said...

He is really turning into his own person. I think that he will be loving and kind but curious and confident. I love this family.

Wetzel said...

glad to hear he is doing better. We pass our son back and forth because he so heavy lol. Look forward to see you all some day. Love you guys:)