Monday, May 7, 2012

our Bartlett neighborhood and yard

We live in Bartlett - which is a suburb of Memphis.  We lived in Cordova the first year in Memphis, but moved across town at the beginning of Matt's second year.  We are renting this house from a guy who just finished his radiology residency.  We have the best neighborhood.  The houses are beautiful and well maintained.  Our street is quiet.  Our backyard is private and huge.  There are sidewalks and a park we can walk to.  We're in a great ward and live only 5 minutes from the temple.
Our neighbors put this purple jeep in their trash pile one day.  I called Matt and told him to fish it out and bring it home.  It doesn't have a battery and we're too cheap to buy one and see if it works.  Our kids don't know any better.  They love it.  They climb all over it, pretend to drive it. and when friends come over, they push each other around.  It's almost better that it doesn't work.  This way we don't worry about breaking it.  We leave it out in the rain and let the kids do what they want to it.

Willa has gotten really good at her scooter.  Our neighborhood is perfect for taking walks.  We take walks all the time.  There are nice wide sidewalks and empty streets.

 These pictures were from when Marcia came to watch our kids while Matt and I went to Vancouver.  My kids are so lucky to have awesome grandparents.  Clark and Willa love the trampoline.  They spend a lot of time running around on it and jumping.

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