Thursday, November 8, 2012

Priddy Farms

Priddy Farms is always fun!  We've visited the farm every fall that we've lived in Memphis...4 years now. It really feels like fall and Halloween after a visit to this farm.

Willa was into posing this year.  I've got over a dozen shots like this one.

Clark wasn't. He did his own "thang" and explored.

We went with a group of resident wives. Oh, how I depend on these ladies for support.  I am going to miss them when we move.


kate said...

we visited for the first time and thought it was pretty cool! a little farm tucked in there between all the suburbia. cute cute pictures. that willa is such a sweetie. it makes me happy how she fawns over emme every time we get together and asks emme if she remembers her. :)

Moe said...

That looks like a perfect pumpkin farm. Love the pics