Saturday, December 8, 2012


Willa has been taking a ballet and tap class since August.  Parents are not allowed to watch so in December when we were invited into the room, Clark and I went armed with our camera and video camera. 

It was so fun to watch the girls.  But it was hard not to giggle.  Her teacher did a really good job keeping it on their level.  I can't wait to see the recital in April.
Willa loved ballet when she started.  Then she went through a period where she wanted to quit.  She took a few weeks off and the week she returned, her teacher showed the class the costumes for the recital.  That did it for Willa.  She's been a huge fan of ballet since then.  She got her costumes last week and she was not disappointed.  She is really excited for the recital also.

Matt was working and I was a little nervous to bring Clark.  But he did great.  I was surprised how much he liked it.  He sat on the floor like this for the entire 45 minute class and watched the girls.

Here are two little videos...
I have some better ones of just Willa, but I recorded them sideways and I don't know how to rotate them.  And when I uploaded these two, they got really grainy.  So you can barely tell who is who.  I'm not sure how to edit or upload high quality videos.  Sorry.

Willa is second in line in this one:

Willa is in the back row, in the middle, tall and skinny:

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