Saturday, December 8, 2012


We visited Santa at the Bass Pro Shop again this year.

A few days after visiting Santa, we had this conversation...

Willa: Why does Kate (her cousin) get to live near Disney World?

Lindsay: Her mom and dad decided that was the best place for their family to live.  Your Dad and I decided the best place for us to live was near Dad's work, your school, our friends, the zoo, the temple... (I was trying to rack my brains to come up with something half as cool as Disney World to a 3 year old.)

Willa: and Santa's work shop

Lindsay: true

We've got a big Santa believer in our house.  She really thought we met the real Santa and went to his work shop.  Too sweet!

Clark and Willa loved playing with all of the remote control trucks. 
Too bad they cost a million dollars.


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