Thursday, August 20, 2015

another day on the river...

We have spent many evenings playing on the Missouri River this summer.  We have the perfect setup...  we live on the river and our friends bring the "toys."  Willa is learning to surf behind a jet ski in these pictures.  I didn't grow up wake boarding or jet skiing.  It actually makes me nervous.  Matt learned how to surf behind the jet ski on his first try.  He and Mike (our neighbor in these pictures) take turns pulling each other so they can wakeboard and surf up and down the river.  I haven't tried it yet... maybe next summer.
Random thought - We live 10 minutes out of the city and when we moved out here, there weren't any other little kids living in our neighborhood.  I was sad my kids wouldn't have neighborhood friends to play with.  But several families have moved out here now with little kids.  Yeah!!  All three of my kids have a friend or two their same age and gender.  Here are my boys with the neighbor boys eating ice cream sandwiches.  CUTE KIDS!


We love Super Mabel!  Now that is a good time!  Jonas visited the USA from Japan for two weeks.  He drove up from Utah to see us for a few days with Marcia.  Of course we spent an evening playing on the river.
Matt, the kids and his brother, Jonas, riding "Super Mabel"
 Willa is brave in all things.  She'll try anything.  Clark is much  more timid.  A slow ride on Super Mabel is about all he can handle.  Oliver is still a little young to try much.  He loves riding behind the jet ski.

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