Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Whtefish Mountain

This is our first full summer in Montana.  We moved here last summer, but with moving and setting up life and trying to get to know the city, we didn't have a lot of extra time to explore the state.  I am starting to understand Montana and love it.  Our whole marriage Matt has talked about and swooned over Montana (since he grew up here), but I never really understood it.  I never wanted to live here because of the cold winters.  But after living here a year, I think I really like it here.  If it were only closer to my family, then it might actually be perfect.  Montana is beautiful.  We have taken a lot of little weekend trips and camping trips and rafting trips this summer... and everywhere has just been gorgeous and quiet.
My parents came to visit in July.  While they were here we (sans Matt) stayed at a friend's condo in Whitefish, MT for a few nights.  We loved Whitefish.  We spent one of the days exploring the mountain.  I've never been to a ski resort in the summer.  Wow.  It was so fun and gorgeous.
We rode down the alpine slides.  Even my Dad did a run.  Willa rode with me the first time and then by herself the second time.  My mom and I were timid the first time, but went faster the second time and wanted to go a third time to really let loose.  Maybe next summer...

We rode the chairlift
Clark made me a little nervous.  Oliver rode with  my parents so I'm not sure how he did.  Clark wanted to stand up and look at my parents behind us. 
JoJo and Oliver

Then we rode the gondola to the top of the mountain to see the views, do a little hiking, and eat lunch at the café at the top.


they couldn't get their jumps timed together

It was such a fun day.  So many memories.  So much laughter.  And so very different than Florida.

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