Saturday, December 4, 2010

Advent 2010 - days 3 & 4

I already had to change things around a little.

Day 3:  Buy a new Christmas book and read it (a hundred times).
Willa added that last part.  I love the Bug Book series by David Carter.  If you're looking for a cute pop up book, check out the Bug Books.  We already had two of them.  Jingle Bugs did not disappoint.

Day 4:  Go to a Christmas Parade and take a family picture for the "Joy" photo ornament.
It was the perfect day for a parade.  A bit chilly, but warm in the sun.  Willa loved the parade and loved the sucker she got that turned her tongue blue.

We were talking to Willa about Santa while he was approaching to get her excited to see him.  She spotted him (or so we thought) and opened her mouth as wide as possible while grinning and got so excited.  We started laughing because we were shocked that she was actually thrilled to see Santa.  Then she said, "horse."  There were 10 or so real horses after Santa and she was thrilled to see them, not Santa.  ha-ha.  She didn't care one bit about Santa.  (She did thank Heavenly Father for Santa in her prayer tonight though and left out the horses so she must like him a little.)

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Moe said...

I'm loving the blue tongue :)