Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advent 2010 - the whole list

I decided to copy and paste the whole list on the blog just in case I need it one day.

1. Add Jesus, Mary, & Joseph to your nativity and talk about Jesus’ birth
2. Make paper snowflakes and decorate the window
3. Take a family photo, print it, & put it in the “JOY” ornament
4. Go to a Christmas parade (Lakeland 11 am, Arlington 2 pm, or Bartlett 4 pm) - don’t forget to bring hot chocolate
5. Add the 3 wise men to your nativity and talk about them
6. Choose a name off the Giving Tree at the mall and buy presents for that child
7. Get a new Christmas book and read it.
8. Make and mail Christmas cards to grandparents, aunts, and uncles
9. Bake chocolate chip cookies. Eat half and give half away.
10. Listen to Christmas music and dance in the morning.  In the evening go to a Christmas concert.
11. Go to a Christmas Parade (Germantown 2 pm)
12. Watch The Nativity church video about Christ’s birth and in the evening take a walk or drive to see Christmas lights and decorations
13. Eat with festive plates all day
14. Talk about Santa and write him a letter
15. Visit Santa at the Bass Pro Shop
16. Go to the zoo and admire the lights and ice skaters – don’t forget the hot chocolate
17. Take a bubble bath with festive bubble bath. Make Santa beards.
18. Make a Christmas craft in the morning.  In the evening go to the Botanical Gardens to see the lights and snow.
19. Record a video
20. Sing Christmas carols and lay under the tree looking at the lights
21. Open an early Christmas present
22. Make Christmas snack mix
23. Go to the Christmas story time at the Library
24. Read the Christmas story from Luke 2 around the fire pit
25. Merry Christmas!  Call and wish JoJo & PaPa and Grandma & Grandpa Wetzel a Merry Christmas.

* Extra:  Play in the snow (I printed it and tucked it behind the tree just in case it snows)


JoJo said...

we cut paper snowflakes at my Institute class last night--there is something addicting about this even for thinking adults..each one is unique, just like grandchildren

Kenna said...

Lindsay, this looks so fun and just so you know I am going to steal some of your ideas for our Advent Calendar! Merry Christmas!

dockters said...

I love this idea, too, Lindsay!! I may have to start this tomorrow...even if I'm a few days late!!

Emilee said...

I love having activities as part of the countdown to Christmas. My girls will love some of these ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Kent and Leisy said...

thanks for posting your list! I'm totally stealing it :)