Wednesday, December 8, 2010

advent 2010 - days 5, 6, 7, & 8

Day 8:  Find the perfect Christmas Tree
We went live this year for the first time.  We think it's pretty much perfect. 

(I know we need to start weaning Willa from her binkie, but first we are tackling potty training. That's enough fun for the moment.)
Next up...decorations.

Day 7: Watch a Christmas DVD
This DVD was a door buster at a Christian book store. I thought I'd try it since Willa loves her nursery rhymes music DVD. Willa likes it and I don't mind watching it with her. It's 30 minutes of religious Christmas songs with videos of little kids and real animals and objects.
Day 6:  Choose a name off the Giving Tree at the mall
We went to the mall and picked a girl Willa's age.  Willa had fun picking the paper off the tree and handing it to the lady.  Buying the gifts will be another day.  We also passed Santa while we were there so we stopped and waved to him.  Willa liked seeing him and told me how he was going to come down our chimney and leave presents in her broken toddler speak, but she had no desire to get any closer.

Day 5: Add the 3 wise men to your nativity and talk about them
Willa has quite the nativity.  And she plays with it everyday.  My mom bought all three Little People sets for her last year.  It worked out really well to give her a few pieces at a time.  I think she had more fun and definitely understood the Christmas story better.

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sinika said...

Mmm-I bet your house smells delicious with a live tree? And I love that you wrapped your pictures on the wall...