Tuesday, May 3, 2011

1st trip to the grocery store

Clark will be 6 weeks old on Thursday.  I was lucky enough to go 6 weeks without having to grocery shop alone.  But today, we were out of milk and fresh stuff and there wasn't a family member or husband or friend around to come with me so I made my first trip to the grocery store by myself with both kiddos. 

Motherhood and life has definitely changed.  It was an all day adventure. 

The highlights of the day...
  • Getting all three of us ready and presentable...it took well over 2 hours
  • Figuring out how to manage both kids in the store without filling my cart with kids and a car seat and blankets and a diaper bag and snacks before I even started adding groceries to the cart
  • Taking FOUR trips to the bathroom - I bought Willa a popcorn and lemonade at the beginning (bad idea) so she had to use the bathroom three times and Clark decided to have a blowout that leaked all over his clothes and mine so we had to make a fourth trip to clean us up
  • The trip took so long that by the time we were checking out Clark was rooting and crying his loud scream of a cry the whole time we were checking out, but thankfully Willa was a happy gal and was being chatty-cathy with the check out clerk
  • After loading the groceries in the car we had to go back in the store TWICE.  The first was our 4th bathroom break and the second was because I thought I had left a bag at the checkout (I hadn't)
After we made it home and had lunch we all crashed and took long naps.  And despite the highlights, it wasn't such a bad experience.  I think I'll do it again...

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