Saturday, June 16, 2012

day 4 - Whistler to Lynn Canyon to Vancouver

May 1

We woke up to rain and clouds again.  We spent a relaxing morning eating breakfast at the hotel and soaking in the hot tubs.

After a late check out, we drove down the Sea to Sky Highway, out of the clouds.  We stopped for pictures and then stopped again at a couple stores.

We had the rental car for another day so we drove to Lynn Canyon suspension bridge in North Vancouver before ending our day in Vancouver.  

Can you see the suspension bridge up in the treetops in the next two pictures?  We crossed it, we're brave! Oh, yeah!

It wasn't actually scary.  The trail we took started at the top of the bridge so we didn't even get the "bridge in the treetops" perspective until later in the hike.

It was fun to look over the edge... 164 feet down to the river.

Then we followed the trail along the river and through the rainforest. I'm not sure I've ever been in a Pacific coast rainforest before.  Matt and I have been in Caribbean rainforests so this was really neat.  Everything was green and growing on top of each other.  There were so many varieties of ferns and moss.

Sorry that I'm in most of the pictures.  Matt is the picture taker of the family.  You'll see this trend continue through this trip report.  I think practically every picture Matt is in will make it on the blog because there aren't very many of them.

We drove to downtown Vancouver after Lynn Canyon.  Oh, Vancouver!  So beautiful!  We checked into our hotel on Robson Street, returned the rental car, and walked to a Mongolian BBQ for dinner.  It was cool.  It was buffet style. We loaded up bowls with fresh veggies, noodles, meat and sauce and then a man cooked it for us on one of those big flat Mongolian grills.  Yum-O!


Emilee said...

You are brave! I think I would have a full-on catatonic meltdown in the middle of that bridge. Other than that it looks like a lot of fun.

Moe said...

It is so gorgeous ... seriously, all of these pictures are amazing