Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 6 - Vancouver

May 3

We spent our last full day in Vancouver with the Alvords.  They were also in town for the conference. We had so much fun.  We ended up spending the entire day with them.  I think we finally said our goodbyes after 11 pm.

We met Katie and Bryce at their hotel around 9 and set off for Granville Island.  It rained on us steadily all morning, but raincoats and an umbrella kept us dry.  We took the Aqua Bus (a little tiny ferry) across False Creek to Granville Island.

There is a giant public market on Granville Island.  We spent the morning and afternoon shopping and eating. 

We went from booth to booth and ate a little of this and a little of that.  We bought and/or sampled fresh bread, cheese, salmon jerky, a salmon pastry, homemade pizza, Indian food, nuts, honey, hot chocolate, a raspberry pastry, and more because I can't even remember what Matt had for "lunch".

(FYI- all of the pictures inside the market other than the ones we're in - we didn't take.  Thanks google!)

Katie and I fantasized about living there and buying a bunch of fresh food and cooking a huge feast.  The booths seemed to be endless.  There were booths with fresh seafood and meats, homemade pasta, cheeses, breads, and so much produce.  We all loved the market!

After our bellies were full, we wandered over to the part of the market with stores and art studios.  We shopped and watched the artists for several hours.

 Then we went back to the dock, waited for the ferry, and admired False Creek and the city yet again. 

Bryce and Katie hadn't been to Lynn Canyon yet and since it was so pretty, we went a second time.  It was quite a trek to get there from Granville Island, but well worth it.  So here we are on the suspension bridge for the second time.

After crossing the bridge, we took a different trail and saw a different part of the park.  We are a good match with the Alvords.  Katie and I talked and talked all day while Matt and Bryce took pictures galore.

The Stanfills, another couple in town for the conference, met up with us for dinner after Lynn Canyon in North Vancouver.  Thanks to Yelp! we found an AMAZING Greek restaurant.  Oh, wow.  It was so so yummy... my favorite meal of the trip.

Look at all of that food... It makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Here are a few of Matt's before and after dinner pictures of the city skyline from North Vancouver.  I just can't say it enough, Vancouver is so pretty.  Go if you ever have the chance!


Moe said...

Wow - I love the skyline picture at night. I definitely need to visit Vancouver! I think it's safe to say you guys had an amazing trip. Glad to hear it.

Soda Springs Idaho Home For Sale said...

Vancouver was definately the funnest vacation I've ever been on, I love the pictures you've brought back a lot of great memories.