Friday, October 4, 2013

Ontario, Canada

Matt and I went to a wedding in Ontario, Canada a few weeks ago.   I guess when we leave the kids, we want to get very far away.  We've left them twice and both times we crossed the border to Canada.  This trip was for a medical school friend's wedding.

Oliver, of course, came with us since he was only 8 weeks old.  Clark and Willa stayed home with Matt's parents (THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!).  Oliver was the best, THE BEST baby ever.  I don't think he fussed or cried the entire three days we were gone.  We had two rather long travel days getting from Albuquerque all the way up to Ontario and Oliver was perfectly easy.  I actually had time on the plane to nap and read a grown-up book.  What!?!  

We stayed in a hotel overlooking Niagara Falls.  We spent the (cold and rainy) wedding morning wandering around the falls.  We've been to Niagara Falls together before and we did the whole Maid of the Mist thing last time so this time we just walked around, took a few pictures, and ate a quick lunch.
Oliver chilled on the table next to us while we ate.  Like I said, best baby!


The wedding was at Ravine Vineyard.  I took these pictures off the vineyard's website since the day we were there it was raining and instead of taking pictures, we were running from building to building trying to stay dry.
Despite the rain and having to have all the festivities indoors, the wedding was beautiful.
The ceremony was in the cellar between two rows of huge wine barrels.

Then we moved to the restaurant for appetizers.

The restaurant overlooked the beautiful vineyard.

The reception was in a tent next to the vineyard.  It was still raining and the wind was blowing so the sides had to be closed, but it was still fun.  There was so much yummy food, good music, dancing, and good friends to visit with.


sinika said...

Happy babies are the best to travel with.

Katie said...

first of all - you are so pretty. second of all - i'm so so so happy to hear that oliver is such a good baby. you deserve a good baby!!! i'm really so happy for you. nice pics of that awesome vineyard too!