Saturday, November 23, 2013

birthday momma

I never seem to post in order or on schedule.  Christmas in February.  Valentine's Day in July.  Why not?  So here's my birthday post in November that I should have done in September.

Matt had the whole week of my birthday off!  It was lovely. We spent my birthday at the zoo. We've lived in three cities with fabulous zoos - Toledo, Memphis, and now Albuquerque.

My favorite animals at the Albuquerque zoo are the seals and sea lions.  I love watching them swim.

Here I am watching them. I post this picture because of the strollers around me. Yup, they are both ours. It was the first time Matt and I took the three kids out somewhere we might need a stroller (Ollie was 7 weeks old).  We weren't sure what strollers we'd need and since we were both there we brought a seat for each kid.  We only really needed a seat for Ollie in the end.  But he got to rotate around and change it up.  Willa and Clark pretty much ran and ran and ran.

After the zoo, I came home to beautiful flowers sitting on my front porch from Moe,
Willa, Oliver, and I played,

and we finished off the night with cake.  Matt was behind the camera all day, I guess.  No pictures of him.  oops. 


kate said...

you are such a fun mom for taking the kids to the zoo for YOUR birthday! looks like you all had a great time. loved seeing all your beautiful faces. :)

Katie said...

I am with you on the sea lions. they are my favorite too. You are lucky to have ANOTHER awesome zoo. At first I thought that picture of your kids on the sea lion was a real sea lion and I was like whaaat? so you are looking super skinny for being a new mom. Happy birthday... back in september :) miss you!

Marie said...

Wow, you got some great pics of those sea lions! I LOVE the pics of you and the kids on the floor. Man, it made me miss you though. There is a serious void here in Memphis without you.