Monday, November 25, 2013

Balloon Fiesta from our deck

As I said in the last post, we have the best views from our deck and backyard.  Balloon Fiesta was so fun all week because of it.  Every morning we could see hundreds of balloons.  We ate breakfast upstairs so we could watch all of the balloons.  Matt took all of the pictures in this post from our house.  I think there are so many beautiful ones.  I love hot air balloons. 

The next four pictures were taken on a random morning in September.  On a typical day we see 3 or 4 balloons.



Jill Lau said...

So amazing. I would love to see this. Your pictures are great!! I am sure your kids think it is awesome. We miss you guys! Sorry I never emailed you back. Our address is 3453 Elkfield Cv Bartlett TN 38135. We are sending Taylor's card to Willa soon. She has had it ready for months. oops. It looks like you live in a nice neighborhood. Wish we could visit!

kate said...

that is just so cool. who has hot air balloons out their window? the kids must love that so much!