Sunday, November 24, 2013

Balloon Fiesta

Quite possibly my very favorite thing about living in Albuquerque is the presence of hot air balloons.  The house we are renting sits above the river so from our back deck and backyard we have glorious views of the mountains and the city.  We also have almost daily hot air balloon sightings.

I was so excited for fiesta week to arrive and it did not disappoint!  Everyday the sky outside our backdoor filled with hundreds of hot air balloons (I'll do those pics in another post).  I could hear the burners and smell the propane.

We took the kids to a Glowdeo.  The balloons are filled up and then tethered to the ground as the sun sets and the sky darkens.  It was beautiful and dramatic.  I love, love, loved it.

Here are a few of our pictures.  Probably WAY too  many, but I think each and everyone is just so pretty.

I've heard this is one of the only hot air balloon festivals where spectators are allowed to be right on the field next to the balloons inflating and deflating.  There were several times we were a little too close.

Oliver was there, somewhere under the blankets.  It was cold and windy the night we went.  Oliver stayed wrapped up and slept most of the time.

 The Glowdeo was followed by a fireworks show...  also wonderful.



Katie said...

Wow - I love that you get view of the city on your back porch and see balloon EVERY day! That seems surreal. And how fun for the kids. Those are awesome pictures. It looks like it was so fun... and cold. Good job being a balloon appreciator. :)

Marie said...

Yay! I've been checking for new updates on your blog. What a fun night! I love the picture of Willa with her tongue sticking out. Such a cute personality, that girl. Miss you guys!

sinika said...

Super cool!